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Usukó ní tí bá afxénjwín Kutéb!...

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''Kutéb nde'mbab wu bé''


College of Agriculture: Jalingo, Taraba State

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Started by Kuteb Nigeria in Sample Title. Last reply by Kuteb Nigeria Dec 21, 2017. 1 Reply



Started by Kuteb Nigeria in REASON OF DISCUSSIONS Dec 23, 2016. 0 Replies

THE RAIN IS GONE ... WE CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW. LET's MAKE KUTEBLAND GREAT AGAIN!My people and our well-wishers, as we celebrate the birth of JESUS CHRIST, the author of peace, let's not forget to do our homework by not making our great fatherland (KUTEBLAND) great again! With the help of the God we serve and worship, it is possible. Do not give up!Making Kutebland great again is a task that must be done!Get involved and always remember that:You are a special person to Kutebland. There is nobody else like you. There is nobody who can ever match you in what you can be and do. You bring a lot to Kutebland ... and there is a lot for you to offer to Kutebland.You are an important person to Kutebland. There are issues that you are influencing in important ways ... or soon will. There is important good that you are doing in Kutebland ... or soon will.You are a needed person in Kutebland. There are people who look up to you ... or soon will. There are people who depend upon you ... or soon…Continue


Started by POLYCARP KYAFA in Sample Title. Last reply by Kuteb Nigeria Nov 2, 2016. 1 Reply

The court, yesterday issued an interim injunction stopping the above convention. It is worrisom to note that at our trying times we cannot stand up for the simple truth and do things correctly. In life, there are people who trust in money. Others trust in position and connection.But there are those who trust inGod,the truthful God and the master of justice.God give us money and position to promote truth and justice for better society. But others use them to plant seed of discoord.When i waas born, i cried and people aroundrejoiced as they hoped i have come toshare in their pains and problems.I tgerefore ( with the trainning from my parents) decided to stand up for the truth, do good things and always be part ofthe SOLUTION and not part of the problem,so that when i die i would have mette aspirations and expectations of the people and they will cry for losing me.What of you? Are you part of the problem orthe Solution?. What will people say in your funeral? Forget what they say…Continue

Governor Darius Ishaku of Taraba state has sign the state 2016 appropriation bill into law.

Started by audu solomon maiyaki in Sample Title Mar 17, 2016. 0 Replies

BY JOHN MKOM, JALINGO. Governor Darius Ishaku of Taraba state has sign the state 2016 appropriation bill into law with a promise to give priority to Agriculture and improve the state income as well as create jobs for the unemployed youths from the state.The governor who signed the bill at the executive chambers of the government house in Jalingo also restated his administration’s commitments to ensure that the people enjoy the benefits of democracy despite the nation’s dwindling economy.He said the state was heavily endowed with natures gift and agricultural opportunities which if properly funded would generate massive employments and income for the state.“We has a vast land that we can turn into fortunes such that our youths will be gainfully employed, now that the House has passed the 2016 budget, we shall focus on the projected areas that would help us rescue the state for good”It will be recalled that the governor on 23rd of December 2015 presented an appropriation bill of…Continue


Started by audu solomon maiyaki in Sample Title Mar 17, 2016. 0 Replies

Nigeria a country of many tribes and ethnic nationalities. This country is blessed in so many perspectives of life. Human and natural resources are abound all over the country. Educated folks in Engineering, Scientific, business and any other field, name them!The greatest problem we have is ETHNICITY SYNDROME this lead to religious and political problems. And for sure these problems have allowed some few to exploit the resources of our Fatherland to their advantage. Not upto 1% of Nigeria's 170 million people remotely control the country. Some of these leaders resort to all kind of violent tricks to maintain their positions. In the event, they use young and able bodied youths to perpetrate their acts and retain their positions in the life of the country.In Africa today Nigeria have the highest number of graduates both in secondary and tertiary institutions. Do we have the institutions to absorb these graduates? Yes and No. Yes if the government will allow all the institutions to work…Continue

Panic As Gov Ishaku Mulls Readjusting Political Equation

Started by audu solomon maiyaki in Sample Title Mar 15, 2016. 0 Replies

Tarabans have been waiting with bated breath the expected cabinet changes by Governor Darius Ishaku in Taraba State to reflect certain political realignments following the confirmation of his mandate by the Supreme Court.. This is against the background that, the current cabinet, according to watchers, is not one that can provide the platform for the governor to achieve his dreams. Our investigations reveal that, many of the office holders are evidently out of sync with the governor and his mission, just as many of them were brought in as a sort of stop gap measure when the governor was in court battling to recover his mandate. According to a political analyst and a keen watcher of Taraba politics, Mr , Ande Tanimu, the governor, from all indications does not have a structure he can rely upon, as what is on ground is a conjecture by some stakeholders who cobbled together a watery cabinet for him. The last thing on the governor’s mind at the time was appointments, according to the…Continue


Started by audu solomon maiyaki in Sample Title. Last reply by Kuteb Nigeria Mar 21, 2016. 1 Reply

Dear All, This is to inform the Kuteb public that the crisis rocking KYN has been resolved out of court peacefully. The board of Trustees under the leadership of Dr. Nuhu Andeyaba (represented by Trustee Hon. Ibrahim Jauro) has worked assiduously to solve the problem. Remember that Hon. Rima Shawulu Kwewum sponsored a caretaker committee headed by Barr. Bawa Pyiki to usurp the powers of the current exco who have overstayed their tenure. In the settlement, both the exco and the usurpers will stand down while an independent interim committee that will ensure that a new election is conducted within 90 days to produce a new exco. the committee is headed by: Com. Danlami Garba Adi It is essential that we kuteb people get used to doing things the right way. That someone is an elected government official or appointee does not automatically make him/her the leader of the kuteb community.We must also be weary of certain elements which are trying to create confusion in kutebland via these…Continue


Started by Ahmed-Gamgum A. williams in Sample Title Jan 1, 2016. 0 Replies

CRY THY BELOVED COUNTRY goes a title of a book. And the first motto for KUTEB YATSO was WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY? And coincidentally while we waited for 2015 to end i sat with some brothers at about 6 pm on 31st December 2015 over a drink. As we argued about our past and future i felt pain and audibly wept wit tears bcos of the growing success of the use of divide & rule tactics by.Ninyi. and some Kuteb men and women. In particular I notice more and more of my Askean kinsmen no longer support the Kuteb struggle to have the 1975 gazette repealed. It is baffling that while other tribes have not bartered their throne for anything we find our Askean brothers bartering Ukwe Takum stool so as to get a graded stool at Lissam. And they are arguing that since it is not all Kuteb that would ascend the Ukwe Takum throne we should allow the Ninyi to take over the Ukwe Takum stool. And that IF UKWE ALI WAS ON THRONE AND HE WAS NOT AGAINST the 1975 GAZETTE WHY SHOULD THE ASKEAN PEOPLE…Continue




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